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Yummy Donut Factory

Yummy Donut Factory is ready to serve up even more donuts than ever before. Can you help the This one expand their business and make as much money as you can? Start by checking in customers and selling their doughnuts. Then, use your profits to purchase new machines and hire staff members. But watch out, because not everything will go according to plan! You’ll accidentally sell rotten doughnuts, hire the wrong staff members, and even get robbed by a robber! With so many different things going wrong, you’ll just have to keep your cool and make it through the entire 24-hour

Are you ready to YUM? The This game is the new donut game where you can make yummy donuts with your friends. Yummy Donuts is a new donut themed game for girls. Get ready for a This amazing game challenge. With friends make sure that every donut is perfect and yummy. You have to look after the donuts and make sure that they don’t get rotten before selling them. Try to sell as many as you can to get as high as the score. Make sure that you don’t overstock and sell out of stock. Have

Today is a great day! You just got hired at the yummy donut factory! You’re so excited that you started cooking donuts right away. You’ve been at it for the last few hours and now you’re finally done! Oh no! You’ve made too many donuts! Now you have to figure out what to do with all of these extra donuts before your new supervisor gets back from the bathroom! You could keep them in your desk. There’s a slight chance that your new supervisor might not approve of that idea. What should you

You like donuts? Do you love to bake? Then you must discover the donut factory! You have been asked to become the new general manager of the donut shop. You will have to transform the old donut shop into the best donut factory in the whole world. So, grab your oven, rolling pins and spatulas, and get ready to bake! Use your mouse to play this


Controls :

Using Mouse