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World's Capitals Quiz

The game is about the world with different countries and their capital. Each country has its own capital and it must be the most beautiful and lovely city in the whole world. The player can see all these capitals from a map shown at the beginning of each level. The player needs to click on the right place so that he can reach that location. Once reached, he needs to find out what is the capital city of that particular country. It is not a very difficult task but it requires observation and concentration, which cannot be there if you are in hurry to finish a level or anxious to move ahead in a given level. In order to clear a level, you need to answer all those questions related to that particular country, its capital, its features etc. If you have some idea about geography so it will be easy for you, otherwise there are some extra hints also provided at places where it is required most.

With Worldx27s Capitals you will be tested in quick thinking, word recognition, and knowledge of the countries that make up the world! Your goal is to guess the capital city of each country from a clue. If you get it right, you will get points; if you get it wrong, your opponent will. 

Are you a history buff? Test your knowledge of the world’s capitals. Can you remember which capital is associated with which country, state, province, or territory? Take this quiz and find out! Are you a history buff? Test your knowledge of the world’s capitals. 

The World is a very big place, with many different countries and cities. Each of them has its own capital city. It is important to know which capital city belongs to which country. The capital of each country is sometimes also known as the federal district or simply the capital city.

If you like to know everything about the world’s capitals, this quiz is for you! Test your knowledge and see how much you really know about the capitals of the world. 

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