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Wordscapes! This game is based on the same principle as the crossword puzzle - find the words that match the given spaces. In this section, you have to find words that match a particular category. For example, if you are solving a puzzle this fun game about cars, you will need words that fit the category “cars”. Once you've found a word that matches that category, you'll complete the level. The goal of the word jigsaw puzzle is to solve a word puzzle by forming a word from the available letters in a particular category. As a crossword puzzler, you will need to familiarize yourself with the clues and rules of the crossword puzzle to complete the crossword in the limited time provided. You can see how many words you have found so far in the top right corner. There are more than 500 levels in Wordscapes. Each level will introduce you to a new topic and a new set of words. The levels get harder as you go on, so you'll need to use your imagination and logic skills to solve them. From how to start the game to strategies and tips for beating each difficulty level.


Controls :

Using Mouse