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Wheel of Rewards

In the gaming world, there are those that enjoy difficult puzzles and strategy games, while others prefer the ease of casual mobile puzzle games. There’s something for everyone, and even within the wide spectrum of casual games, there are several subcategories: match-three and swap games, word games, ersatz board games like Rebuild or Harvest Heights (which also have variants like reverse or masked version), or even trivia challenge apps. And then there is a hybrid game called “Wheel of Rewards”. 

What makes anything fun and addictive? Rewarding users for their actions! These rewards can be in the form of points, tokens, diamonds, virtual goods – or even real-life prizes. Keeping players coming back to your game is important if you want them to continue spending their time on it. The best part about these types of games is that they are easy to create and don’t require much time or resources. 

New games are constantly emerging to capture our attention and keep us coming back for more. Each game category has its own unique features, but many of them follow the trend of being quick and easy to learn, with short game sessions that give the player frequent rewards. 

In our digital world, it can be difficult to spark the same enthusiasm for activities that our parents had when they were kids. Even board games have been challenging children with new ways of playing and reinventing the old classics. To keep up with the fast-paced world we live in, new versions of games are emerging; faster, simpler, and more interactive. These are known as ‘hypercasual’ games. 

Controls :

Using Mouse