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Vex 4

Vex 4 is a game that has recently been released. It has been said to be the best platformer action game to ever be made in the world today. This game is a video game that has been created for gamers of all levels and types, whether you are someone who just enjoys playing games every once in awhile or someone who spends hours upon hours on it. This unique and interesting game can be played on both PC and mobile devices. The story is told through stunning cut-scenes with visuals that are stunningly realistic and make your eyes go wide with gameplay is so slick, it makes you want more! There are 3 different modes: Story, Arcade, and Endless Mode, offering players the ability to play their

Today’s games are a lot more than just a fun way to pass the time. They have become the backbone of many people’s lives and provide entertainment, education, and even therapy. The world of gaming is expanding in every which way, with VR games and AR glasses becoming more popular as technology evolves. Digital games are also changing at an exponential rate, which means that there are always new releases to explore. From children to adults, gamers have found something for everyone in this diverse world of gaming. With so much to choose from, how can you find your

This game is a new platformer game that the player must run, jump, and shoot through a number of levels. The objective is simple: to reach the end of each level. Just like regular platformers, you need to collect keys, coins and other collectibles in order to progress further. One difference between This amazing game and other platformers is that it’s also a runner game! As you sprint through levels, you control your speed by holding down or tapping the left or right side of the screen. If you want to slow down, simply hold the down button for a little bit longer. Remember that this game is more than just platformer; it’s also an action-packed


Controls :

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump