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Spot the Difference 2

Are you ready to take your spotting skills to the next level? Spot The Difference 2 is a challenging puzzle game that will test your concentration and visual acuity! It’s time to up your game. There are new challenges waiting for you! How quickly can you identify the slight differences between two similar images? What kind of details can you catch at first glance? Time to find out! This sequel contains even more challenges - there are now 50 levels with interesting and varied backgrounds, items, characters, and traps! Discover all the differences in each image as fast as possible. Remember their locations so that you can return to them later. Plan your strategy beforehand so that you know where to look for the next difference. Avoid trick visual puzzles like red herrings and false exits. 

Are you a master of spotting differences? Test yourself with this fun and challenging game! Discover hidden objects, locations, and differences to progress through increasingly difficult levels. In each round, you will need to find 5 hidden objects in the scene. Look closely and observe every last detail if you want to be victorious. There are many different ways for something to stand out. Maybe there’s an odd color scheme, maybe the shapes are out of place, or maybe it’s just somewhere it shouldn’t be. Do your best and see if you can beat all 50 rounds! 

Spot the Difference games are almost as common as Hidden Object or Mystery games. But they can be tricky and frustrating, especially if you’re a kid or an adult with a lesser attention span. That’s why we created this list of the best Spot the Difference games on Android. Whether you’re on a hunt for hidden objects, looking for differences between two images, or tracking multiple characters in one scene - we have you covered!

Have you ever found yourself flabbergasted by the difficulty of spotting differences in a picture? Then this game is for you! Discover your hidden photographic memory and test your visual perception with this exciting new quiz. Are you ready to get started? It’s time to put on your detective hat, sharpen your focus and pay close attention to every detail of these two images. Can you find the five differences in each scene before time runs out? 

Spot the Difference is the ultimate test of your visual acuity and your ability to see things that are not so obvious. The task is simple: find the differences in two images by focusing on small details. Each picture has a set of objects with subtle differences, such as an object that is removed or an object placed elsewhere. 

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Key Features - Extremely easy one-touch controls. Suitable for all ages - Multiple puzzles to solve - Fun and relaxed theme - Use hints to help you. Beware, they reduce the time remaining significantly! Instruction Find the difference between pictures.