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Quiz Squid Game

Squid Game is a casual puzzle game in which you have to match and combine cards to score points. Matching pairs of cards, either horizontally or vertically, will amount to zero. You can only earn points by matching pairs of cards that don’t add up to anything. The faster you complete matches and chains, the more points they will score. In this game you cannot see the board layout in advance; instead, you will be presented with various horizontal and vertical boards with various numbers of cards on them. The objective is to find pairs of matching cards as fast as possible and create chains by connecting the same pairs together so that they add up to zero in total number. It sounds simple but it does take some time to master it. The game has 4 different game modes in addition to daily challenges: - Quiz Mode: Answer trivia questions about different subjects from geography, science, history, culture, and other categories for increased points and rewards. - Endless Mode: Just like Quiz Mode except that there are no end goal questions so it can go indefinitely until you get bored or lose patience with it. - Time Attack Mode: Like Endless Mode except that every correct answer results in an instant reward rather than waiting for a set number of seconds before giving it out again. 

Squid Game is a casual brain-training game with a unique battle system that combines all the best elements of our favorite board games! With over 200 unique levels, there are many hours of gameplay in the campaign mode and endless fun in the quick play challenge mode. You can also compete against your friends or challenge their ghosts to see who can get further in the campaign mode. Your mission is to train the squid so that it reaches Level 10. There are different zones where you train your squid: From its tiny tentacles to its huge tentacles, each zone has a different training objective and gives you different rewards when you finish it. Discover more than 200 levels through 20 campaigns, each one with more levels, new experiences, and enemies; unlock new themes as they release them; progress efficiently by using in-game hints if needed.

Welcome to the Quiz Squid Game, a simple and fun game for you! The Quiz Squid Game is an arcade quiz game that combines the old-school quiz games with the new-school strategy games. It’s a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours at a time. You control two squid characters and answer general knowledge questions. The faster you click, the higher your score will be. 

Quiz Squid is a simple but challenging game in which you make the most of your brain to solve puzzles. Test your puzzle-solving skills and find out how much you know about facts, games, media, geography, and more. In this quiz game, you will answer questions about different topics such as movies, sports, games, and other subjects. 

Are you ready to play a quiz game where your only aim is to make your Quiz Squid reach the top of the leaderboard? Quiz Squid combines casual gaming with a fast-paced race against the clock. Unlock new questions and see how long you can keep up before being squidged! How well do you know Quiz Squiddy, your favorite sea creature? 

Controls :

Using Mouse