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Read the questions carefully, find the answers and click on them as fast as you can. You have 60 seconds to find as many answers as you can. 

You just finished school, and now it's time to get a job! But not just any job; you want something that will challenge you, keep your brain active, and pay well. So you sign up with an agency that assists prospective employees by setting them up with interviews with potential employers. The catch is that these employers only hire people who meet their exact requirements. In other words: If they don’t like the way you look on interview day, you won’t get hired. 

Unlock new rooms in the house and discover hidden secrets by answering general knowledge questions. Play this addictive game, test your brain and see how many answers you can get correct. Are you ready to start the cleaning process? New rooms with exciting challenges are waiting for you! Have fun and get ready to be challenged! This quiz will put your general knowledge to the test! 

Are you a natural-born general? Or can you only lead from behind? Find out with this awesome quiz! Are you disciplined and organized, or messy and chaotic? Do you prefer unstructured games, or do you like following rules? Find out now and discover your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents. Once you know what kind of player you are, it will help you find the perfect game next time. 

Brain Training games have been shown to improve memory, concentration, and general problem-solving skills. If you want to test your own brain capabilities, try out one of these 5 Brain Training Quiz Games! They each have their own challenging puzzles that will put your brain to the test. 

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