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Pro Puzzle

Pro Puzzle is a unique and challenging puzzle game that will drive you crazy! It's easy to learn but hard to master. Challenge yourself with this brain-teasing game and beat your friend's high score! This is the best puzzle game for beginners! This game has simple rules but it’ll drive you crazy. It will challenge your focus, attention, and precision. This one is a new take on the classic "3 – in-a-row" style of gameplay. Rather than placing tokens on a board, each player has their own grid which they must use to trap their opponent’s tokens. You can place a token anywhere there are no other tokens or walls. The trick is that you cannot move a token directly from one row or column to another unless there’s another token between them at either end of the new path.

Pixidy is a captivating and challenging puzzle game that will test your logical thinking. It combines the principles of a classic jigsaw with the addictive elements of a clicker. The result? A super fun, logic-based challenge that will leave you itching for more! In this clash of Pixies, it’s up to you to combine them in order to reveal their hidden picture. Get ready for some seriously stimulating entertainment! In this tricky puzzler, there are four different types of Pixies: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Each type has its own special characteristics and abilities. The aim is to combine them into various groupings in order to reveal their hidden picture under each one. Discover which combinations reveal which pictures as you put your logical thinking cap on and get ready for an awesome

This game r is a new type of puzzle game where you build sequences from the board. The catch is that the board, and the pieces themselves, are dynamic. Building a sequence will cause other tiles to move in response. Pieces can also have multiple sides with different properties, like having two red sides instead of just one. This means that even when you think nothing will change, everything has the potential to shift in exciting new ways! Get ready for an exciting journey filled with challenging puzzles! Pro Puzzle r is waiting for you! 

This game will test your logic skills and patience. Every time you start a new game, the board will be different. Your goal is to get as many red boxes as possible. It’s not that easy though! Green boxes are neutral: they won’t help or hurt you. To capture them, you need to surround them with red boxes or make a line of red boxes connecting two green ones. There are also blue boxes – they are neutral as well as green ones, but capturing them is still beneficial for you. 

This amazing game is a simple game where your task will be to complete jigsaw puzzles. There are 3 difficulty levels, from Beginner to Expert. You will have different types of puzzles with varying numbers of pieces and various difficulty levels. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new features like extra time, hints, and skip. The game has a simple control with just one tap on the screen to switch between different tabs.

Controls :

Using Mouse