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Pop Rush

Pop Rush is a fast-paced, multiplayer quiz game that’ll test your knowledge of popular culture. With only seconds to answer each question, this lightning-fast game will have you scrambling up the leaderboard and bragging to your friends. Strategize with your team and come up with answers that no one else will think of! 

This game is a fast-paced, multiplayer quiz game revolving around pop culture knowledge. Answer questions as quickly as you can to score points and beat your opponents! You’ll need to keep track of several things at once and be able to pivot as each round presents a new challenge. 

This amazing game is a fast-paced multiplayer quiz game where you and your friends compete to recognize song titles and artists as they appear on the screen. Players must race to tap, pop, or chop the correct answer from a group before time runs out. Sound easy? Maybe not so much with all of your friends challenging you at

Pop quiz: what do pandas, ice cream, and pop music all have in common? They’re all things we love! And now you can combine your adoration for all of these things by playing Pop Rush.

Controls :

Using Mouse