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Monster Mash

Monster Bash is a fun incremental game that keeps you hooked! If you like Match 3 games then this is the perfect game for you. Match as many monsters as you can in this epic incremental game! Upgrade your town, build powerful upgrades, and hire Helpers to help you along the way. You'll need to plan ahead, though, because if they get to town, they'll explode into candy and it's Game Over! Features: - Over 50 unique upgrades - 4 different lands to conquer - 15 unique helper monsters - Epic bosses fight at the end of each land - Earn gold by upgrading your town and hire helpful NPCs - Build Candy Shop upgrades to sell any monster for gold - Build Explosive Shop upgrades to sell any monster for more gold - Build Shop upgrades secret to sell any helper monster for even more gold - Build Auction House upgrade to sell any helper monster for double gold - Build Equipment Store upgrade to build Custom equipment with specific stats -Upgrade your home with Candy Walls and Candy Fences -Carrot farming system with seasonal crops and limited inventory.Create a market a thriving small town or a sprawling megalopolis; it's up to you!


Controls :

Controls Use the left mouse button


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