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Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run Oz is a free game! Your mission is to run as far as you can as fast as you can, but watch out for the dangerous

In this endless runner, you play as the protagonist of the movie, who journey through the deepest, darkest and most dangerous environments of this world. Players will dive into the world of Oz, where the Wicked Witch has kidnapped many of the most beautiful and dangerous animals in the jungle, including the Tiger, the Tin Man and many others. You will need to use every trick in the book to avoid being captured by the Witch or other animals and to make it to the end of each level without getting caught. Also, there are many dangers in the jungle, from fast-moving rivers that can destroy you to carnivorous plants that can eat you. The game features different environments, different traps and obstacles, and different animals. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, and the controls are easy to learn. However, the game difficulty can be challenging. Indeed, players will need to be quick, intelligent and have a good eye for detail to succeed. Good luck! Are you ready for the thrilling adventure? Download the game now and dive into the world of

You are a Jungle Runner. Run as far as you can through the endless jungle. Avoid the dangers, collect as many coins as you can and buy new outfits, hats and accessories. Do not slow down and make sure you reach the finish. The further you run, the more lives you will have. Use them wisely to get through the level as quick as possible. Game Features: - Endless running fun! - Easy and fun to control - Collect coins and buy new outfits, hats and accessories Follow us for more updates: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Google+:

Jungle Run Oz is a 3D running game where you control a cute little monkey who is trying to escape the jungle. But there is a problem, the jungle is filled with danger, traps and enemies. You have to avoid these obstacles and run as far as you can to help your friend. Collect bananas and jewels to get extra points and energy. You can also get energy by collecting golden leaves. Get it now on the App Store: Play more games from our website: Don’t forget to rate the game if you like

The jungle is filled with dangerous animals. You need to be fast and strong to survive. This is a game of survival, so you have to be constantly alert. You need to be quick and crafty to keep your prey at bay and continue to stay alive. The faster you move, the more points you get. You need to use your skills to overcome fearsome challenges, hungry predators, and the elements of nature. But you can’t forget to keep your eyes open, because you never know who is hiding in the bushes, waiting to pounce on


Controls :

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump