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Get 11 - Puzzle

Are you a logic or math lover? This fun number connection will make you love it. In the new exciting game Get 11 Puzzles, we want to draw your attention to a quiz that will make you more attentive and smarter for the test. Here is a series of brain twisting events that will help you train your thinking very well! Convert the same adjacent numbers to a higher number by matching them. Match more to get to 11 and beyond. The playing field will be divided into many equal cells. There will be cells with different numbers on them. After carefully checking everything, you should be able to find a suitable spot for a group of tiles of the same number and close to each other. Click a cell with your mouse. The game does not limit time or force you to do tasks. Along with graphics suitable for all ages, Get 11 is sure to appeal to both adults and children! Play now to experience the fun!


Controls :

Using Mouse


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