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Crowd Drift City

What's the best way to pass the time when you're doing nothing else? If you have nothing to do, then you have a problem. Duh, we're all bored, but what's the best way to pass the time when you have nothing to do? The answer, of course, is to find something you enjoy doing. Well, we're all bored like that. In that case, if you're looking for something to do, we have the perfect activity for you. Crowd Drift City is the ultimate place for you to get your Card Drift repaired! Here you can play Card Drift anywhere and with as many people as you like. There are many Cardboard games out there, all with their own unique journeys and locations. However, some games are more interesting than others and this is where Crowd Drift City comes in. Instead of playing at a yacht location, you can now play it in the comfort of your own home and with your friends.


Controls :

Using Mouse