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Count Quickly

The dark forest hides many dangers and traps. You are a brave man and you have to pass all of them, one by one. Count quickly, game! The game is set in a dark forest where the player controls a small green creature to make it through different obstacles in an attempt to reach the other side of the forest. The game has several levels, each with unique traps, enemies and music that will challenge your reaction time as well as your visual perception. 

Who will be the next king? The players of this game are going to compete against each other in order to become the next king. To do that, they need to collect coins and diamonds so as to be able to purchase more powerful items and tools. This game is free from ads, waiting time, and In-App purchases. The player must tap on their screen in order for the character to move. 

A puzzle game where the goal is to count how many balls hit a target. This game requires you to count quickly in order to beat the level. The objective of the game is to hit as many targets as possible, each level has its own target number that needs to be hit before the time runs out.

This is a puzzle game in which you need to count quickly and accurately. The faster and more accurate you are the higher your score will be. Count Quickly, game,2d, html5, color, puzzle - Let s play counting games together! This is a simple counting game with some difficult levels. 

The game is an addictive blend of skill, strategy, and logic. You must manage your resources wisely and plan your moves in advance to beat the level. If you are a fan of puzzle games, then this game is worth playing for sure.

Controls :

 Press left mouse button to choose.