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Count Master

Counting is hard. That's why we created Count Me, a new super casual game that makes counting accessible to everyone. In Count Me, you play as the Earl and move your character through a lovely world full of fancy animals on a quest to find numbers and collect stars to unlock more levels. than. The goal is simple: Tap the animal until it looks like you're counting and then tap again to end the number. Count Me has three different game modes: Challenge, Race and Time Attack. Challenge mode is a single-player experience where you can play against the computer or another player via a Bluetooth wireless controller. Race mode is a two-player local multiplayer experience where players compete against each other to see who can get the highest score as they run to the end of the level while avoiding obstacles along the way. There are many levels for you to unlock and get high scores as you pass the campaign mode. So challenge yourself and see if you can complete all the different levels of play.


Controls :

Using Mouse