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Boom Battle Arena

Boom Battle Arena is a 3D collect war game where you will be playing as one of the warriors known as the Boomers. You will get to fight against hordes of enemy warriors. Test your skills and hit them where it hurts the most. Collect valuable weapons, armor and other items to upgrade your character and become a powerful warrior. In this game, you will have to face different enemies in different levels. You will have to upgrade your character and learn new skills to overcome the challenges posed by enemies. The game will feature different heroes, each with their own unique abilities. You can take control of any of these heroes to complete a level. The game will not be easy for you but with the right strategy and concentration, you’ll be able to overcome the obstacles thrown at you. Your browser does not support the video

In a world of myth, magic and monsters, only the strongest survive. You play as a simple warrior thrust into an epic battle to defeat the evil Lord of Chaos and his menacing army. Battle your way to the top of the tower, battling boomerang-wielding monkeys, laser-firing pterodactyls, and other bizarre creatures along the way. Upgrade your weapon, armor and skills to stand a chance against the deadliest adversaries. Collect and equip mighty heroes, mystical artifacts, and cunning traps to annihilate your opponents. To win the battle, you’ll have to think like a warlord,

In boom battle arena you will enter a world of 3D arcade battle arena games. Control your warrior and kill all the enemies. Use your skills to control your warrior and defeat all the enemies. Conquer the world and become the best in the arena. The arena is full of enemies and you will have to fight them all to become the best. Collect gold coins from the enemies to upgrade your warrior and become a better player in the arena. Battle, upgrade and become the

It’s time to hit the field of battle in This amazing game ! Blast your way through an army of deadly enemies, upgrade your battle skills and win epic boss battles in this exciting retro arcade game. Fight, upgrade and blast your way through an army of deadly enemies in This amazing game. Defeat your enemies, upgrade your skills, and win epic boss battles. Are you ready to join the Boom

Launch yourself into the fantastic world of " This game "! Smash in to your opponents and knock them out! Collect as many coins as you can to upgrade your abilities! Make sure to finish each level with a Boom to get more points. Are you ready to face the Boom Battle Arena


Controls :

Using Mouse