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3D Quiz: Fight of Four

With the rise of AR and VR, it’s no longer a surprise to find niche gaming trends popping up left and right. One such trend is called “hypercasual” games. These are video games that are simple, accessible, and easy to pick up again after putting them down. They might not be very challenging or engaging at first glance but they require cunning, careful thought, and concentration. Are you ready to test your knowledge in this new kind of battle? Are you ready to fight for the title of best memory champion? Prove it! 

Are you ready for the ultimate quiz fight of your life? Prove it and test your brain with this amazingly addictive 3D quiz game. In this awesome quiz challenge, you will have to use your wits and knowledge to defeat your opponent in a battle of wits. In each round, you'll have to answer general knowledge questions from different categories. There will be three types of questions - true or false, matching, and role-playing. You’ll need to train your brain with this challenging game before diving into the fight. 

Do you remember the details of your favorite books? In Quiz Fight Of Four, the goal is to remember the exact details of these characters and their stories. These heroes are put to the test with challenging questions that hone in on their strengths, weaknesses, alliances, and backstories. Will they pass or fail? If you love video games, puzzles, and trivia, this game is for you! Challenge your friends and family to this fun new twist on classic knowledge-based games. 

Are you ready to challenge your brain? Join the fight of 4, test your memory and find out if you have what it takes to become the Hyper casual Quiz Champion. The fight of four is not for the faint-hearted! If you think you are smart and love a good challenge.

Controls :

Using Mouse